Tower to the people «Water Tower Art Festival »

The Pictogram Animation "Tower to the people" was screened at the opening of the Water Tower Art Fest (WTAF) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The screening took place in the actual garden surrounding the water tower, which serves as the emblem of the festival. This year, the local authorities denied access to the tower. With no clear reason given for this, this prohibition was soon coined as the topic for the animation. Every student illustrated their own tower and created a short story. The goal was to create a protest video against the prohibition.

On 15th / 16th November 2014 the award ceremony for the German Multimedia Prize took place in the Technical Collections Dresden. At the same time all the winning works in the context of media festivals were presented on the five floors of the building. The semester project in the course "mark / moving image / sound" of the 5th semester media design "Tower to the people" was awarded the prize for computer animation.